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Listening to Left Lane Cruiser is like sipping a great whiskey or a gritty and electrifying storm.

It is what Left Lane Cruiser sound like to me.  Always ready to hit the stage – the legendary Left Lane Cruiser deliver and unleash their sonic fury upon their fervent fans every-time.

An explosion of sound and energy occur when the the stage lights blazed to life and reveal two figures with their instruments.

Freddy J IV, the fearless frontman with his battered guitar, a fun-devilish grin stretching across his weathered face. His raspy, beer-soaked voice seared through the air like molten lava, commanding the audience’s attention as if possessed by the spirits of blues legends past.

Beside him, good friend Brenn Beck, pounding the pots and pans with primal intensity, his furious hillbilly rhythms reverb through the venues like a thunderstorm.

This is how I see Left Lane Cruiser

Left Lane Cruiser’s raw, unapologetic style is a blend of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and punk attitude that ignited an inferno in the hearts of all who hear it. The frenetic energy of the music, make it impossible for anyone to stand still.

Freedy J guitar solos screamed and wailed like tortured spirits, filling rooms with a haunting yet euphoric melody. The air always crackle with electricity, and the pounding of the Brenn’s drums reverberated through every fiber of the audience’s souls feeling like the band had tapped into something primal and ancient, something that had been buried deep within.

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