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    DIRTY SPLIFF BLUES does exactly what you think it’s going to – and it’s wonderful.
    It’s fuzzy, it’s bluesy, it’s stoner rock, it’s got a groove to kill for, but it’s better than that. What makes this a very special record is that if Lemmy from Motörhead played Blues he’d do it like this. It’s gloriously nasty. This is fabulously tasty filth.

    MAXIMUM VOLUME(Rating 9.5/10)

    Approaches things with a frenzied roar that makes paint curl and shake its ass. From the first track, "Zombie Blocked," clear through to the last, "Righteous," Evans sings like he’s gargling cigarette butts and ashes on the midnight train to nowhere, while Beck pounds out rhythms that could make cement crack. This is what Left Lane Cruiser do, stomping across the sonic landscape like they want to shear off every blade of grass.

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    Fort Wayne is a haul from North Mississippi. But these Indiana troublemakers put the hammer down and hightail it for the juke joint again on their seventh album. And as usual, they're sportin' a ass pocket of infectious odes to sex, weed, booze and, um, skateboarding -- all served with fuzzed-out guitars, ramshackle drums and a heap of lo-fi Blues Explosion bombast. Light 'em up.

    TORONTO SUNNewspaper

    Known as Left Lane Cruiser, the duo of Freddy J IV and Brenn Beck defines its music as “voodoo hillbilly punk-blues”. Whatever that might be exactly, it’s actually a pretty apt description of the combination of thrashy, scuzzed-out guitar and trashy, bashed-up rhythms on Left Lane Cruiser’s latest outing, Rock Them Back to Hell. The new album is as resourceful as it is energetic, especially making an impression with found-sound percussion supplied by paint cans and trash cans. Wrap it all up in cover art by William Stout, known for his work for Return of the Living Dead and Pan’s Labyrinth, and the over-the-top tone and feel of Rock Them Back to Hell is more than complete.

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